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The Traveller and Winston Its Dog

Winston is a dog which is about 10 months old. His owner didn’t have any plans in getting him or any dogs in particular.

His owner got two cats and a bird and these pets keep his owner busy for most of the time. These cats differ in their age. The two cats are respectively 18 and 7 years old. The little one usually seeks for his owner’s attention while the other is just waiting around when it is feeding time. The bird is noisy but it actually behaves when you just feed the bird and put it in a carrier, and she will be ready to go travel anywhere.

He stumbled on this page through online about a puppy that just got born in a local animal shelter. He wanted the puppy the moment he set his eyes on this puppy. This cute puppy got a face that tells that he wants to make a smart comment. He drove to the local animal shelter and went to pick up the puppy. He didn’t expect that he would be spending money for this puppy more than he could. For the past ten months, this puppy has been giving him joy for most of the time.

One time, when he was driving, his dog Winston went into the passenger seat and bothered him which is quite dangerous. He searched in the net about how to travel with pets and researched more about it. A lot of things appeared on the net, but most of it is pretty useless.

He always go to different places and he wants to go together with his pets to all of his adventures that is why he wants to know how to travel with them at ease. He first thought about flying his dog in an airplane and the two cats will be together with him while he drives to their destination. However, he thinks that it is impractical and strange to actually do that since he doesn’t like flying.

When he went to Wyoming, he left him to a local dog trainer for a week. It was okay but isn’t really a good idea if he will be traveling in further states, and he can’t leave him all the time since he wants to be with his dog and can’t be apart with him longer.

Hotel rooms don’t allow pets inside the rooms but some aren’t that strict. It isn’t easy to bring a pet together with your travels they are your family so it’s necessary to go travel with them.

His really want to travel with his dogs, he wants his dog to go to mountains and let him climb. That is why he is currently looking for more info regarding traveling long distance with their pets. If his dog will not bother him when driving maybe he could bring him to anywhere he wants.