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What Good Teachers Made You Believe In School Which Turns To Be Lies

Having a good school climate ensures you are able to gain knowledge which can change your mindset and make you a better person in the future. Teachers are accorded high respect across many places and considered one of the valuable contributors in the society. Though the main reason as to why teachers used to prefer using some of this terms is questionable, it is with no doubt that the attention paid to this quotes was high. Everyone remember something their teacher said which in the real life they have come to realize it was not true at all. This page outlines some of the things teachers without knowing lied to you in school.

You can recall been told by your mathematics teachers that you would be able to use a calculator. The truth of the matter is that even with the most advanced calculator without understanding what is to be fed to it cannot help you get the right answers.

Teachers made you understand that you do not necessarily need much of your brain to achieve a lot but only a small percentage. The brain forms a major part of our body as the center of communication between the body and the external environment and each part of the brain has its own roles.

It was a norm to be told that you need to learn how to write in cursive because teachers in the upper level are not going to accept anything less than that. Today the nature of education no longer emphasizes handwriting but rather on typing speed as education adopt the use of technology.

The Columbus stories were one of the most fascinating to hear for any person in their early days in school. The Europeans you were made to believe are the ones who discovered American is a clear lie we all know, and that why some activists have been in the push to remove the name of Christopher Columbus from American History for they claim he did not contribute anything. Additionally, the names purported to be of the ships which the Europeans traveled are just nicknames.

Sentence construction used to be said for following some set of laws in which case we do not see the same happening today. If you concentrate on some of the rules you were told for your grammar you are going to get stuck today.

The story of gravity used to make more confusion than clarification to many learners. Gravity exists everywhere and there is no particular place without gravity. Studies dedicated to determining the effect of the force of gravity in different places has concluded that in essence there is some force which keeps things in their position when placed on the ground.