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How We Uplifted Our Dining Room Pew
People are always thinking of the ways to make their little cottage or home feel more cozy, and some have even been of the idea of having a church pew be part of their dining table. In most cases a church pew can be found in a local sale or a yard sale and it might need more changes done to it so that it meets your expectations. A church pew fitting as part of the dining table setting may not be an easy thing for friends and family to accept, hence going above and beyond to make it stand out should be the main goal.
In this chapter we will be able to read more about how some people had previously been able to change an old fashioned church pew into something of their dream. There was an old and tattered cushion on the church pew they bought that they most definitely had to get rid of. Due to the state that they pew was in from a long stay in the storage it was only right to have it be thoroughly cleaned. The state that the pew was in physically was actually good enough and for this reason no extra cost was needed to repair or fix it. Since the cushion was not going to stay, after they had washed up the pew, they had to remove it. It had undergone wear and tear in a number of places, was stained and was also fraying and for this reason it needed to be replaced.
They knew exactly what to do, they took the cushion to an antique store, where the owner was popular for having the know-how on how to deal with antique and other findings. For the cushion they wanted they had to buy first a fabric for it from their friend who had an online store and have the antique store owner make their desired cushion from it. The way it turned out was exactly what they had envisioned and even so much more. The other part that they had to look into was to make sure that the screws were in a perfect condition even if the cushion now was. The pew in the dining room was definitely going to be subjected to a wide range of weights it was important to make sure that it could withstand any pressure.
They thought of painting the wood but in fear of their children drawing on the paint, they decided to apply sealant to the wood to prevent break offs and not paint anything else over it.
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