How to Recover Fast From a Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery is a complicated procedure and you need to be highly cautious in your post surgery period so as no complications are caused. Proper recovery is essential and there are certain measures you ought to take and others which you should avoid ensuring a speedy recovery. Thus, proceed with circumspection in your post surgery period to get better and long-lasting results. Follow these tips to ensure a speedy and complication free recovery.

Wear supporting sports bra– Wear only compression bras and sports bras for a minimum period of three weeks post your surgery. These bras give support to your healing breasts and thus boost your recovery. These bras not only improve blood flow in the area but also help to remove harmful fluids from the body. Avoid bras with underwire.

Take proper rest– You need proper rest and care to alleviate the chances of any risk or complication. During the initial days, take some time off work and do not engage in any sort of activity. So, lay off your work for a while and give your body significant time to heal.

Sleep on your back– To ensure a proper recovery; it is must that you sleep on your back for a few days. Sleeping on your stomach will put pressure and slow down the healing process. Keep pillows on your knees to avoid sleeping on your stomach. Use 2 or 3 pillows or wedge pillows to expedite the healing process as the elevation they cause improves blood circulation and lessen the swelling.

Avoid exercise– Refrain from heavy lifting and other strenuous activities for at least two to three weeks. You can return to your normal work life in about a week provided your work doesn’t require any physical activities on your part. Don’t be in a hurry to go back to gym and take short walks daily to hasten the recovery.

Be cautious while bathing– Sponge baths must be taken for the first couple of days post your surgery. Care should be taken as there are sutures which should not be disturbed at any cost. Refrain from washing your hair during the initial days and also avoid hot baths as they exacerbate swelling.