5 Skincare Misconceptions & Hacks to Reverse Aging Process

In the midst of beautiful chaos, it becomes challenging to maintain a crystal clear and wrinkle-free skin. Caring for the skin has become an uphill task especially when pollution and dirt surround us like a blanket. There’s no escape point instead it’s time to take the skin woes head-on while being fully skin-proof. People who say that they got no time for skin care regret later at some point, especially, when they lose their physical charm. Our lazier selves made the self-assumption that skin care products were for old people and they still had decades before they could actually start caring for their skin.

Let’s debunk the extremely common skincare myths which never made sense at all and the majority of us still believe in them.
5 Skincare Myths People Still Can’t Stop Believing

Do we really care what sort of products we have been applying to our skin? Generally, beauty shoppers make a wrong judgment while adding a beauty product to their cart without any further examination. Your skin beauty is in your hands and it may pop-out if you stop considering the following myths:

People should use gender-specific skincare products

Beauty products were never gender-specific after all the “skin is skin”. In a nutshell, there’s no difference at all between men and women skincare products in terms of ingredients. The only significant difference is the type of fragrance and the amount of fragrance added to the products. Next time, your roommate buys you a cleanser with a label that reads “removes the makeup”, don’t think too much and use it. It shall provide your skin with the same benefits what you originally expected from a men’s skincare product.

Expensive is always better

Expensive isn’t always better! It’s all a marketing strategy to increase your craving to invest on expensive beauty products. In reality, such companies invest far more in marketing than in product research and development. Even if you have extra bucks in your wallet, prefer buying organic products. The price tag should not be your first concern instead you should examine the ingredients in the skincare products whether they are free of paraben, petroleum, sulfates, preservatives, and artificial colors.

Water-based products moisturize skin

This is a bitter truth but the reality is water-based skin care products do not make the skin hydrated. Wish we had studied Chemistry a bit seriously and would have saved ourselves from getting scammed by aggressive advertising campaigns. In reality, the action of water dilutes the active ingredients present in the product. As this myth got busted, it turned out to be an eye-opener and brought us to the conclusion that every skin care product- whether over-the-counter, organic or even physician dispensed contained water as the base.

Dermatologist recommended products have a 100% success rate

Our mind is able to make a concrete decision on purchasing a beauty essential as soon as our eyes spot the phrase “dermatologist tested” or “dermatologist recommended”. A dermatologist hardly uses the product on the considerable number of patients and, therefore, leaves us no clue about the performance of the product.

There exists nothing like “gentle exfoliation”

Remember it takes a harsh action on the skin to slough dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production. It is high time, beauty & makeup brands should give up emphasizing on this phrase in the product descriptions or the label. However, rubbing your skin with “granules” or “microspheres” still gives you a temporary shine.

Anti-Aging Hacks for Skincare at Any Age

Let’s be realistic folks! You cannot reverse the aging effects completely! Aging process takes a heavy toll on our body especially the working moms and even housewives. Women are engaged in daily household rituals and have the responsibility of the entire family on their reliable shoulders. Such hardworking spirits must pamper their skin which they need to start right off by following the beauty tips mentioned below:

Stress-fighting foods

Greater the role, greater are the responsibilities! Bananas, being rich in potassium & vitamin B6, are healthy for the brain and help you deal with stress respectively. If poor memory is your concern, one teaspoon of coconut oil a day and a cup of blueberries must be included as part of your daily regimen. Staying lean is no longer a rocket science with pumpkin seeds served in your plate. Tryptophan, found in foods like turkey, chicken, soybeans, green beans, and seafood, is beneficial to maintain the level of anxiety, promote deep-sleep, and pose a counter-attack on depression.

Don’t let your skin sag

Sagging skin is the most visible sign of aging and occurs due to reduced skin elasticity and hormonal changes. Opt for a peptide-rich cream or a cream loaded with anti-oxidants for an age-defying action. Next, treat the affected region with emu oil and say goodbye to sagging skin for real! It is recommended to use this formulation before you sleep for quick results.

Get over the spots and freckles

Aren’t we tired of getting those annoying spots and freckles over and over again? Put a full stop on pigmentation spots, uneven skin tone, and freckles with effective exfoliation three nights a week. You know the drill well; firstly, scrub the affected area gently in a circular fashion with baking soda on wet and clean skin. Secondly, rinse it well.

There are countless age-proofing tips up our sleeves but, there are no shreds of evidence that the aforementioned remedies work on every skin type. Aging is a natural process and spares no one, be it a rich or a poor! Living productively is the key and if aging still bothers you, you still got a fancy touchup to hide it!