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BetBaller The Home of Ball Sports Betting

Most sports betting websites will focus on a wide range of different sports and activities. However, there are very few that are tailor made specifically for a particular market, and BetBaller is one of them. BetBaller is one of the only websites that you will visit that focuses exclusively on ball sports, though it also offers a host of slot games that you can play, and also has a section dedicated to eSports.

This relatively new betting website is one of the most unique in the world because it also supports bitcoin betting. This is something that is rather revolutionary, as very few websites support bitcoin betting at the moment. Opening an account on the website is very easy, though you may need to enter a little more information than most traditional websites to be able to complete registration. However, regardless of this fact, completing the form should not take you longer than 60 seconds, if you have chosen bitcoin as your currency of choice.

The layout of BetBaller Sportsbook is also very easy to understand, and most of the basic functions you would expect from a good online casino are present. However, one thing you may not be guaranteed is anonymity, especially if you do not pay with Bitcoins, though the site guarantees that it will not share your information with any third parties.

The games on the website are placed into the following categories: Sport, In-Play, ESports, Slots and Live Casino. Most of the tabs offer you the same options that you would get at a regular casino, though BetBaller Sports are restricted to soccer, basketball, e-sports, tennis, football, baseball, Mixed Martial Arts, boxing, rugby and volleyball. The site also allows you to switch between six different betting odd formats to ensure that you can accurately keep track of all your bets.

New users to BetBaller are eligible for a 100% first deposit bonus, as long as they deposit a minimum of 10 USD/EUR. Betballer Canada users are also eligible for this bonus, as long as they deposit the equivalent of US$10. There is also a VIP Deposit bonus for those that are deemed worthy by the BetBaller management to receive the bonus. Users who are shortlisted for VIP Bonuses are usually contacted via email.