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How to Recover Fast From a Breast Lift Surgery?

November 11, 2018


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Breast lift surgery is a complicated procedure and you need to be highly cautious in your post surgery period so as no complications are caused. Proper recovery is essential and there are certain measures you ought to take and others which you should avoid ensuring a speedy recovery. Thus, proceed with circumspection in your post surgery period to get better and long-lasting results. Follow these tips to ensure a speedy and complication free recovery.

Wear supporting sports bra– Wear only compression bras and sports bras for a minimum period of three weeks post your surgery. These bras give support to your healing breasts and thus boost your recovery. These bras not only improve blood flow in the area but also help to remove harmful fluids from the body. Avoid bras with underwire.

Take proper rest– You need proper rest and care to alleviate the chances of any risk or complication. During the initial days, take some time off work and do not engage in any sort of activity. So, lay off your work for a while and give your body significant time to heal.

Sleep on your back– To ensure a proper recovery; it is must that you sleep on your back for a few days. Sleeping on your stomach will put pressure and slow down the healing process. Keep pillows on your knees to avoid sleeping on your stomach. Use 2 or 3 pillows or wedge pillows to expedite the healing process as the elevation they cause improves blood circulation and lessen the swelling.

Avoid exercise– Refrain from heavy lifting and other strenuous activities for at least two to three weeks. You can return to your normal work life in about a week provided your work doesn’t require any physical activities on your part. Don’t be in a hurry to go back to gym and take short walks daily to hasten the recovery.

Be cautious while bathing– Sponge baths must be taken for the first couple of days post your surgery. Care should be taken as there are sutures which should not be disturbed at any cost. Refrain from washing your hair during the initial days and also avoid hot baths as they exacerbate swelling.

Wedding Makeup Tips That Every Bride Should Know

November 11, 2018


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A wedding is the most memorable event in the life of a woman and she should take care of herself properly when it comes to beauty. The wedding makeup Chennai services play an important role in enhancing the appearance o a bride with elegant styles thereby showing ways for getting a beautiful look. A bride should follow certain makeup tips on her wedding which ultimately help to experience the desired outcomes.

Another thing is that it will help to keep skin in good condition for a long time allowing a bride to focus more on her personal style. Here are some tips available for a bride on her wedding day which contributes more to increase the self-confidence levels to a large extent.

Choosing a waterproof mascara

A bride should select waterproof mascara because it can withstand tears efficiently that lasts longer. Another thing is that it gives ways for overcoming unwanted issues on the wedding day.

Knowing the eyeliner options

It is advisable for a bride to choose the best eyeliner options available in the markets which exactly suit her personality. Charcoal, navy, and mahogany are some colors that can look good for a bride. On the other hand, black and brown colors may lead to severe problems in the daytime and outdoor wedding.

Staying oil-free

The oil products may affect the looks of a bride on her wedding day. Therefore, it is a wise one to use oil-free items for preventing complications considerably.

Shading the brows

It is an important one for a bride to redefine her brows with a pencil or shadow that match her hair color rightly. Moreover, she must know more about the shadows in detail before buying them.

Concealer trick

Applying concealer after the foundation will result in many benefits to a bride. At the same time, it is advisable to select a creamy one which can last for the whole day.

Blend techniques

Blending the eyes and cheeks will allow a bride to get the best results on her wedding day. Apart from that, it makes feasible ways for maintaining skin in a better state.

Primer for the eyes

A bride should use a primer on her eyes before applying the shadow which will help to lower smudging issues with high success rates.

Using a high-quality moisturizer

A bride can use a high-quality moisturizer with high SPF for ensuring high protection to the skin. Besides that, it gives ways for overcoming discomforts on the wedding day.

Selecting a lipstick or balm with special attention

There are many brides who don’t know how to select a lipstick or balm which perfectly suit their look. Hence, it is an important one to pick a color for lips after making a complete research.

Remove Dark Circles And Eye Bags Easily

November 11, 2018


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The bags under the eyes correspond to a swelling of the lower eyelid. They can be transient upon waking or settle more durably during aging. It should not be confused with dark circles, which are rather a darkening of the skin due to poor blood circulation or digging due to the refinement of the skin under the eye.

The age and aging of the skin that accompanies it are one of the main causes of the appearance of bags under the eyes. The fat, which is normally in the eyelids to help support the eyes, slides into the lower eyelid under the effect of gravity and looseness of the skin. The skin also loses its flexibility and firmness. The lower eyelids can then sag and bags under the eyes develop.

Like dark circles, bags under the eyes can also appear on waking. During the night, the lymph, which is in charge of transporting blood waste, can accumulate in the lower eyelid and this causes a temporary swelling. This swelling generally fades during the morning, but it can happen that the pockets persist longer, especially if you suffer from circulatory disorders.

The bags under the eyes do not appear overnight. They settle down over time and become more pronounced as they get older. An unhealthy lifestyle (lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking) accelerates the development of bags under the eyes.

Treatment and prevention: what solutions?

The bags under the eyes are primarily aesthetic discomfort, but are usually not serious and do not require medical attention. However, you can consult your doctor if the swelling is severe and prolonged in time, or if it is accompanied by redness, itching or pain and also if it affects other parts of the body, such as legs. A medical examination will then rule out more serious causes, such as thyroid disease, infection or allergy.

  • Cold compresses on the eye contour to decrease the swelling
  • Ttreat your lifestyle and especially your sleep. Eight-hour nights are ideal for most adults
  • You can also think of raising your head slightly with a pillow during the night, to avoid the accumulation of lymph in the face
  • Do not forget to remove all makeup before going to sleep
  • Monitor your diet and especially salt intake, as it promotes the accumulation of water
  • Finally, do your skin a favor and limit your consumption of alcohol and cigarettes

Things to Consider to Enhance Inner Beauty

November 11, 2018


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Healthy, glowing, clear, and baby-soft skin is what everyone desires. It is the very basic of beauty. But modern lifestyle which is more adulterated and polluted than healthy makes our skin lose its innate glow. This results in dull, dehydrated layer that lacks that precious glow. You may have faced such situations when you feel low for your skin. Then, comes a whole gang of suggestions and recommendations from your friends, relatives, or family. Someone would suggest you those home remedies which claim to be cheap and effective, but they aren’t. These home remedies might have worked in the past when the level of pollution was not so high. Expecting these remedies to work in the present scenario may not be realistic because of increased pollution levels and stress in our lives.

Trust an expert and no one else

It is only with the help of a certified skin specialist that you can regain your lost beauty and luster. A certified skin specialist or best dermatologist in Gurgaon is the one who has dedicated a good number of years into dermatological studies and has practiced treating his patients for worries for quite a good period of time. Much coveted naturally glowing skin can only be achieved with the help of an expert for skin care. Skin is a far more precious organ of our body and hence cannot be left for various immatured trials by someone whose expertise is doubtful.

When you want nothing but the best results, you should consult Dr. Neha Sharma with best of the clinically approved procedures. She runs a clinic in the name of Estique clinic in Delhi NCR. You will get a complete range of clinical services which claim to impart that healthy glow to your skin. You can go for these treatments for getting that youthful blush only after getting a detailed and personalized consultation with the doctor. It is because not every treatment works for everyone. It heavily depends on personal skin conditions, medical conditions if any, and expected results for them.

Chemical Peel treatment It is a revolutionary clinical technology which uses the right combination of chemicals with specific strengths. This helps in removal of dead cells, pigmentation spots, and rough skin. The final outcome is a youthful.

Dermaroller treatment

It uses a special clinal device having multiple tiny needles on a surface which is used to puncture the skin surface very mildly. When a dermaroller is rolled, it creates small wounds triggering healing. Maximized production of collagen and formation of new layers result in complete regeneration and rejuvenation.

RF Microneedling

This treatment uses small needles for making tiny punctures on surface. It works on ability to self-healing against wounds. These tiny punctures create wounds and trigger the self-healing mechanism. This results in the production of collagen and elastin fibers resulting in the healthy.

The Estique clinic is equipped with world class machines and clinical apparatus to deliver safe and sound results for clinical procedures. The team of clinic staff is very helpful and would make you feel at your best comfort during your treatment. Hygiene and cleanliness of patient and clinic become the first priority for them.

You could find the best skin specialist in Gurgaon if you visit the Estique clinic. Finding the best skin doctor in Gurgaon is evident for getting supreme services in a most professional manner for the healthy and glowing skin.