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March 30, 2019


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Who is Rafferty Pendery and Why He is Successful?

Rafferty Pendery is one of the world’s well-known techno entrepreneur. Another thing with him is that he’s known to as an international speaker and a VC. There also are so many businesses all over the globe that was helped by Rafferty. He in fact helped businesses when it comes to marketing, social media and many others more. The ideas that he actually shared with business is what made him to be one of the most sort after man of business owners. He even started a company at the age of 11. The passion and love he have for businesses continued from that age. Many people also considered him as a young entrepreneur. There were in fact several projects of NASA that Rafferty had worked on and he even had hard work experience with the Canadian Space Agency.

Rafferty likewise co-authored some research papers that relates on the use of online technology to help on generating public awareness. A part of the research papers also relate with the participation of some research projects that were analog. He in fact was able to earn a spot to be the youngest member of the Prestigious Explorers Club. This gave him the advantage of being able to grow his career and his interest at a young age. Companies today handling online marketing in fact was being founded by Rafferty Pendery. Both small and mid-sized businesses were being offered by the firm.

Rafferty likewise owned a group of six companies. He obtained the ownership of the companies because of the acquisitions as well as on the creation of new ventures. He also acquired a lot of clients from different parts of the world. His companies made contracts different well-known brands as well. Because of this, his companies in fact grown both in marketing and online PR due to his public speaking.

Rafferty also is the CEO of Studio98. This company in fact was created because of his frustration. He also searched for a company that will help create a website for him about his clothing but had no success with it. After being able to realize that there’s no one that can deliver what he wants, he decided to do the thing himself. He created a website from scratch and with his passion for web design and web development it led to his experience as a tech entrepreneur.

He sold solutions which in fact were through web design and web engineering. It was able to help business owners to realize what their goals and objectives are. He believed that if he will ever set an example, he could inspire others on succeeding in different areas. Such trait is because of him being an entrepreneur and also an innovator.

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