Why No One Talks About Songs Anymore

November 13, 2018

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Ten Biggest Weed Songs That Became Popular

People today are using marijuana more openly than ever thanks to the legislation passed in a majority of states. Statistics show that roughly fifty-five million adults in the United States smoke marijuana regularly. If you are a piece of this insights, it is essential to feature how music can make your weed smoking encounter awesome; something that will play out of sight that you smoke. When smoking your joint, make sure that you have your weed song playing in the background as it will give you one of the best experiences. The literature underneath will give you the chance to discover more about the marijuana songs that you can add to your playlist when you are smoking.

Classics are the greatest and one of the best ones that you shouldn’t ignore is “Smoke Two Joints” by Sublime. The tune is exceptionally well known and there isn’t a solitary incessant weed smoker that can state that they aren’t mindful of this melody. The vast majority that smoke weed knows about this incredible melody. It was produced a long time ago, and it remains relevant. Another song that shouldn’t miss on your playlist is “I Got Five On It” sang by Luinz. This song is an anthem and it is very hard to spot someone that isn’t familiar with it. Although the song is associated with smoking weed, it is also commonly played at wedding events and other parties. It is a great addition to the weed song playlist. “Because I Got High” by Afroman is one when you need something that provides great humor. On top of the entertainment that this great song delivers, you are going to receive a great comical effect. An industry tycoon, Dr. Dre also has a great song called “The Next Episode” that is perfect for marijuana lovers. He is a compelling artist in the modern space and has played an integral role in shaping up the music that we listen to today.

Who can ever smoke marijuana without mentioning the weed king himself, Snoop Dog; he has a song “Young Wild and Free. ” Today, he has changed his name to Snoop Lion. Various popular artists have produced songs for weed lovers, and Missy Eliot is one among them. The melody is “Pass That Dutch” which can be an awesome foundation tune when you are smoking our joint. Other two extraordinary melodies are “Hash Pipe” by Weezer and “Moist Vagina” by Nirvana. The latter is very common with seasoned weed smokers, and the tone isn’t a perfect depiction of the song’s content. Rihanna also cannot miss in this collection; she has produced “James Joint. ” The last artist on this rundown is Sleep with his tune “Dopesmoker” that has engaged individuals for quite a while now.