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November 13, 2018

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Common Problems with Dental Office Copier machines and How to Fix Them

It is estimated that there are circa 200,000 dental offices in the United States and almost all of these offices have a modern photocopier machine. One thing to mention on this post is the fact that not everyone working on these dental offices is techno-savvy especially when it comes to using these machines. It is thus not uncommon to have experienced the annoyances and inconveniences that come with the use of copying machine. Owe unto you when the copying machine starts to act up, and you end up with wrinkled, unsightly documents and copies? Luckily, this post looks at the most popular issues likely to affect your copying machine and how you can easily fix the issues for great performance.

Probably the most common copying machine issue with most readers of this post is what is referred to as the paper jam. Luckily, paper jam on your copying machine is not one of those life and death situations that must be sorted by an experienced technician. It could also be caused by using the wrong paper size in terms of thickness. Sorting a paper jam problem is as easy as pulling out the stuck papers with some bit of force. Note that you may need to restart the machine for it to get back to normalcy.

The second common copying machine problem to be highlighted in this post is overheating, which is typical of most electronic devices today. Take care though you’re your copying machine overheats lest it burst out into flames. Basically, your machine will overheat when you use it continuously for many hours without giving it a break. To remedy the situation, you must give your machine a break after every few hours based on the tolerance level of your machine’s model.

It is also important to note on this post yet another common issue with copying machines, and which is wrinkled up and crinkled paper. You don’t want to be dealing with crinkled and wrinkled papers now do you? This common problem is often as a result of rollers that are worn out or damaged, hence may need a replacement. No doubt a photocopying machine is a huge investment in dental offices today. The responsibility is on you to ensure you can identify the common issues and problems as mentioned in this post and so you can remedy the situation for longevity. This is where you get to schedule regular maintenance to keep it running well for as long as it is practically possible.