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Laser Cataract Surgery and Its Benefits

Although seeing more clearly is the key goal of cataract surgery, new lasers and elite lenses have made it possible to achieve improved vision as well. These days, people’s vision may be enhanced so they can see without using glasses, irrespective of the distance. And the laser has played a tremendous role in this development.

Defining Laser Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural lenses. In a traditional cataract operation, surgeons use a blade to make a round cut on the lens capsule to get access to the cataract. The cataract is then broken into tiny bits with the use of ultrasound waves, before being removed manually by the doctor. Finally, the new artificial lens is attached as a replacement of the cloudy natural lens.

In contrast, laser cataract surgery makes use of a laser to cut into the lens. It is more reliable and precise compared to the traditional manual method.

Below are specific advantages of laser cataract surgery compared to traditional cataract surgery:Here are specific benefits offered by laser cataract surgery when compared to old-fashioned cataract surgery:The following are concrete advantages laser cataract surgery comes with:

Long-Term Results

Once the stabilization period for the eye is completed – about three months – laser results are generally permanent. There is no need for other procedures, except when the surgery was overdone or underdone, and the patient’s corrected eye will be good as fresh.

Quick Results and Recovery

Picture getting your near-perfect vision back in a day’s time!

No More Contacts

Every year, people spend an estimated 375 to 450 dollars on contacts. Granted, laser surgery is a lot more expensive than that, but take note that you will only be paying for it one time. After a while, it will pay for itself by making contacts unnecessary, and you start saving cash. Not to mention no more hurting your eye as you stick your finger in to remove a contact, no more groping the floor for a lost contact, and no need to bother with cleaning solutions.

Say Goodbye to Eyeglasses

Your look will undoubtedly change the instant you take your glasses off. In addition, you can wear any style of sunglasses you fancy, instead of having to shop for special lenses or purchase expensive prescription shades.

Case in point: your best option for vision enhancement is none other than laser cataract surgery. But remember that laser cataract surgeons are not all the same. You have to do a bit of research to ensure high quality results with a high quality cataract surgeon.
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