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November 13, 2018

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Why You Should Switch From A Cartridge Razor To A Safety Razor

There has been an increase in the number of people who have switched the use of cartridge razors to safety razors. The elevated usage has come with good reasons that users of the safety razors can attest to.

Settling for a safety razor is a cost-effective measure in comparison to the cartridge counterparts. Safety blades may appear costly at the purchase point, but is not comparable to the expenses of changing cartridges.

After using a razor for a while, the obvious outcome is that their endurance will be cut down. People that experience irritations on their skins there are better off going for a safety razor that has a shorter lifespan.

Apart from having just a single blade that can is two sided, a safety razor is designed with a protective bar that shields your skin from cuts. The multiple blades in a cartridge will require regular replacing as the process of getting blunt is more accelerated.

You will be required to employ your competence if you are to get a smooth shave when using a safety razor as there is no flexibility. In contrast a cartridge is more versatile and you are assured of a smooth shaving experience.

Using a safety razor will take a longer time if you are to have the desired result. If you don’t want to spend a considerable amount of time in the process of shaving, a cartridge will fit the bill.

It becomes a bit tricky to dispose the safety razors after use. It is not viable to use safety blades for recycling owing to their small sizes. Reckless disposal of these razors exposes young children to great risks.

Using of a cartridge will result in more cases of razor burns. You need to have a blade that is not dull if you are to minimize the risk of the burns. You stand the chance of getting skin problems brought about by the bacteria that live between the blades of a cartridge razor.

You are prone to experience more flareups of acne when you use a cartridge razor. This happens because the use of cartridge fills up your pores with oil. This does not happen with a safety razor as you are only required to move the instrument fewer times.

Unlike a cartridge you can safely use a safety blade to shave your head. The areas around the chin are more accessible using a cartridge.

You are more likely to lacerate your skin if you are not skilled in using of safety razor. Position the razor to move along the grain to avoid that risk. You only need to know how to keep the safety blade in the correct angle to achieve the best result.

For safety reasons, most airlines prohibit the carrying of safety razors. Cartridge razors are not considered prohibited items in a plane.