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Essential Laptop Ports to Look For

There are so many people who own laptops today and overly sue them in their workplaces or for studying amongst other uses. Nonetheless, very few people will acknowledge the right laptop ports to check for when making a purchase and these ports play an integral role. These ports or rather, the shaped holes on the sides of the laptop play a significant role and they will advance your usage and experience. Through this article, you will get enlightened on how to identify the right laptop to but through acknowledging the right ports.

USB 3.1 Type-A is the first port to check in a laptop. there are different and tremendous ways through which you could use and benefit with the USB ports. For instance, where you need to download some documents or data from the phone, you will need to use the USB port. In the marketplace, you will come across lots of laptops with different USB Type-A. There are USB 3.1. 3.0 and 2.0 versions and the first is always the best and the recently developed. It is evi9dent that USB version 3.1 will always be fast when it comes to transferring data and it tends to transfer double what the other USB versions transfer. Therefore, you should consider buying a laptop with this port as it will enhance your experience.

Secondly, there is need to consider buying a laptop with USB Type-C. USB Type-C might look identical to Type-A but they have different functionalities and one is more beneficial than the other. These ports will all serve the same purpose for enabling and supporting devices. New laptops have Type-C as its overly beneficial as compared to Type-A. The major difference between USB Type-A and Types-C is the watts of power it transfers; Type-A transfers 2.5 Watts of power while Type-C transfers 100 Watts of power. therefore, Type-A USB ports can only charge things like smartphones. However, with Type-C, you laptop can manage to charge other laptops and other complex gadgets. The Type-C port could also be used as a VGA and HDMI adapter.

It deems fit that you buy a laptop with a HDMI port. There are instances and occurrences where you will have to project some of your work through a projector nor to another screen that is bigger and more visible than your laptop’s. It is only where you have a laptop with a HDMI port that this becomes possible.

The tips or points above helps you understand the fundamental ports to juggle for. Nonetheless, it always pays to have the ports blend with other laptop features. Some of the features to be concerned about are the CPU, RAM or even storage. The only way you will buy the best laptop is through understanding and relying in the above info.