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November 13, 2018

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Tips On The Elements Of Conversion That One Can Factor Into Their Website

Most people consider conversion as the key to the success of any business. Conversions are an indispensable part of any business. Conversion simply means that a client has made a step that will increase their chances of purchase. It is possible for any business owner to increase their conversions.

There are six key conversion elements that will boost the growth of a business. Hick’s law is among the top elements. Hick’s law, named after a British psychologist is often associated with website design. The number of choices therefore determine the decision time as explained by the law. This therefore implies that, if there are many choices then the decision time is longer.

In order to acquire more conversions, one should minimize the choices those visiting the site are exposed to. In order to avoid exposing the visitors of a site to decision exhaustion, Hick’s law advises on incorporating of a welcome gate where they can make only one call of conversion. Prioritize your conversions by identify the most important ones and focus your site on them. Another important element is the rule of thirds.

This rule also focusses on web design and often entails the division of a webpage into thirds, vertically as well as horizontally. It is advisable to place your most important conversions on the sides that are shifted towards either side of the webpage rather than at the center. When deciding where to position things on a webpage, the rule of thirds comes in handy. The other key element is patience which explains that most users of website have little patience and therefore making your website faster in terms of how it loads is very important and guarantees more conversions. Conversions are therefore directly proportional to the speed of a site to load.

The other top element to consider is that of the use of negative spaces. A negative space also called a white space is a space which is free of images or texts. Negative spaces are crucial for any website since without them reading of the webpages becomes too difficult for the visitors of that site. It is important to factor in every type of white spaces whether between paragraphs or lines since this guarantees easy reading and reduction of fatigue that arises due to making of decisions.

Another element which is a nice way for arranging the screen is the “F” layout. Since research has discovered that most people form the letter “F” as they read, it is crucial to position elements of great importance following that pattern. The other element to consider is the color theory. Combine colors according to the emotion you would want your users to experience as they visit your site while keeping in mind the use of contrast which enable easy reading.

The use of these elements guarantees an increase in conversions.