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November 13, 2018

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Important Things That Every Bunker Needs To Have

Natural disasters seem to increase by each day. However, improved research and technology makes it possible to foresee some of these disasters well before they happen. It is for this reason that it is important to have an emergency bunker more so when one is living in an area prone to the disasters. An ideal bunker that serves this purpose, however, needs to meet a number of qualities as discussed below.

Identification of the place to create the bunker is one of the most important considerations. While many have their bunkers on own farms the important thing is to ensure the selected location is the best and safest on the farm. Considering possible occurrences is important and in such way ensures the bunker is the safest place in the event of a disaster and Canadian Prepper.

Every persons always seeks to be in a secure environment. The bunker to be created must full be in a position to offer with utmost safety as deserved by all those intended to use the bunker. Installing a fence around the bunker is one of the ways to keep the bunker safe alongside having security cameras in place. Having secured the bunker serves not only when it is in use but as well when it is not being used.

The bunker is intended to offer refuge at the time of disaster. Safety within is enhance by among other things having the best doors installed. This follows the fact that doors are normally the weakest point in any construction and the same for bunkers. Despite having the door, it is important to further create an escape route that can be used in the event the door is blocked with residents inside.

Ventilation is important for comfortable and healthy living. This means that the bunker needs to be adequately ventilated. This needs to be done in a way that the bunker remains with fresh air even when not in use. Choice of the type of ventilation solutions need to be considered with caution and avoid compromising on safety of the residents.

The size of the bunker is an important consideration teat serves to ensure ether is adequate space for all intended users of the bunker. This is a move to ensure that residents have adequate space to sleep, store the basic utilities required fort eh time of stay and room for important activities. It’s not always possible to ascertain eh amount of time to stay in the bunker and thus the need to ensure utmost comfort for residents. Though the bunker is normally smaller than the living house, it should therefore offer with space required. In determination of space, there is need to take into account other features such as space available for construction and safety.