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November 13, 2018

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Amazing Travel Destinations for a Snow-Filled Christmas

If you wish to have a white Christmas, you need to plan your vacation in a snow-filled destination. There is no shortage of places you can go for that experience. They also cater to the experience in different terms. Here are some of the best places to travel in December to make your wish come true.

Zermatt in Switzerland is known for its white Christmases, seeing as it snows pretty much throughout the season. It is not infested with traffic or cars, which is ideal for such an occasion. The fresh mountain air adds to the beauty and charm of the place. The main street gets Christmas decorations, complete with a large Christmas tree.

You also have Budapest in Hungary to think of. It never fails to snow in December. The city gets packed with Christmas markets, food stands serving traditional Hungarian dishes, Christmas lights, and decorations. There is the outdoor ice rink at the park you can go play in. You should make sure you have the right attire on for the weather.

You shall find Aspen in Colorado as another great destination. There are plenty of free events, festivities, decorations, and lots of snow in Christmas. You shall discover more fun when skiing, ice skating, sleigh riding, and shopping are part of your itinerary. These activities may not be your thing, which leaves some great indoor activities up for grabs.

New York City is a popular destination as well. There is an intense buzz to the holiday here, with plenty of traffic and activities to engage in. To guarantee you have a place to stay, you need to make early reservations. You shall find some sites online on which you can make the reservations.

You can also plan to go to Quebec City in Canada. There is the Rue de Petit Champlain with its shops and cafes or the Christmas markets outside the Notre-Dame de Quebec Basilica-Cathedral, and attend the annual Quebec Winter Carnival.

There is also London, which is ideal for city life lovers. They too take their Christmas lights, decoration and trees seriously. There shall also be plenty of Christmas markets and events. Snow never lacks in these parts.

Lapland in Finland is as close you shall get to see Santa’s home. This is specifically in the Rovaniemi village. This is the closest we have to something real about the legend.

Moscow also presents all the snow you would want to see. Their Orthodox religion means Christmas day shall be quiet, but January shall be filled with festivities.

In all of these destinations, you shall make the most of it when you make early flight and accommodation reservations. There are also blogs which offer you a chance to find more info about such travels.