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November 13, 2018


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Signs That Indicate Your Air Conditioner Is Actually Making You Sick

Staying in an air-conditioned room is more favorable than getting exposed to heat and other factors that can make your skin tick. But, being under air condition for too long can might have negative effects on your body plus the thought of it that it is actually making you sick is already a red flag to take it easy.

Still not convinced about the negative effects of air conditioners and how it may be the reason for your sickness? In order to discover more about the negative effects of air conditioning in your systems, check out the list below for more details.

It is a known fact how air conditioners cause colds, but if you have a cold that has been going on since forever you might wanna check the filters of your air conditioner for cleaning.

It is advised to check your air conditioner filter, ducts, and pipes to clean it but if you cannot do it on your own call an HVAC service provider. This service includes a wide array of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning that would surely secure the state of your air conditioner and the welfare of those exposed to it.

To prevent heat loss in cold times the body reacts by constricting small arteries in the skin which may lead to blood pressure rise, not the heat. This is not good for those individuals who suffer from hypertension.

Being confide in a building that has air conditioning all day can greatly contribute to a headache, fatigue, and dizziness that is why you should at least tone the temperature down a little so you would not be freezing on a daily basis.

By developing heat intolerance, even if it is not affecting your health it is still not normal because of the fact that heat has great benefits for the body. If you find heat unbearable, open your window for proper ventilation.

The worst case scenario that your air conditioner can cause you is dry skin and the dryness of your skin contributes greatly to bloody noses. Your nasal passages can dry out due to being exposed with high temperature and this may lead to bloody noses. Drinking lots water is also an effective way to moisturize your skin if you do not like putting on skin care products.

If using air conditioners cannot be avoided then spare some time off your busy schedule to routinely checking the air conditioner’s performance and filters but you can also hire an HVAC service provider if you wanna spare yourself the time, learn more how. However, if it can be avoided, spend days away from the air condition and get exposed to natural air.

Overall, air conditioners have benefits but too much exposure could lead to negative effects that is why you should read more about the ways you can maintain a clean and safe air.

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