Songs: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

November 13, 2018

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I have been putting up a collection of vinyl for approximately 12 years. The dream of putting my own music to wax has been a dream of mine being a musician. We had to accomplish this dream my band and I embarked on the journey of making our second album. The process of realizing this dream was long and very tiring. The role of this website is to share our experiences from the process.

The first observation is that the medium faces a lot of obstacles. Its limitation is brought about by its dimensions. There has to be some distance kept between the grooves, if this is not the case, there will be some form of interference. The process was disorienting since owe had to cut out some favorite parts of our music records because they were long. There have been improvements to the technology that goes into the making of vinyl. It has not factored in all the technological improvements over time. The problem is that few people have been engaged in the process of manufacturing presses for a long time. This results in the high cost of the item. You will need a few thousands of dollars to buy it.

What goes into pressing music onto vinyl is quite costly for a good reason. There are a lot of costs to be factored in in the process. The justification of this cost is arrived at after all these costs are summed up. This also means that many artists who release their music on vinyl do not realize any profits. Their source of gratification to them is passion and not money.

There is a small number of companies to meet the demand. This means that artists who place their order take a long time to receive this product. Our waiting time came up to five months for our case. Its demand keeps growing regardless of the fact that there are a few manufacturers involved in its production. It is not possible to meet the ever-growing demand for the service since there are only 20 manufacturing plants in the United States of America. A few numbers of new plants are being established increasing the probability of this changing soon. The resulting effect is slow but will occur in slow motion.

In the end, doing this is worth it. Achieving your dreams and getting your finished process and the resulting self-pride will give you an irreplaceable feeling making you forget about the hectic process. To uncover more facts about his process, it is advisable for you to check our homepage. Our journey towards making music on vinyl was very informative and we have highlighted some of the lessons learned along the way.