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What the Roles of a Bondsman Entail

The bondsmen play an important role it comes to criminals paying the bonds demanded of the in court. The criminals are usually allowed to leave the jail before the final pronouncement as investigations take place, although they have to pay such as amount as the judge will deem fit to give an assurance that they will appearing court for the next hearing. The judge is the one with the mandate of assessing how severe the case is and then setting such an amount that is correspondent to the amount. The criminals, many a time, lack the money they are required to produce to be released.

The bondsman role comes in handy here as they provide the suspects with the money required in bond only after an agreement that the suspect will pay the a certain amount once the bond is given back. The suspect before been offered the loan needs to provide security for it such as a title deed for land. The court holds the right not to refund the money in the event that the suspect does not appear in court. Since the bondsman has an interest in the bond, they have to ensure that the suspect appears in court which at times is a tall order. Other times they need to track these suspects down using the assistance of bounty hunters because it’s their money that is at stake and the suspect may be least interested in whatever asset they used as security.

The money paid in bonds is now becoming a lucrative source of income for governments as most people are willing to trade in some of the money they have in exchange from their freedom to move about, well, before their sentence is made. Anyone can now! read more about the most outstanding amounts paid in form of bonds from websites accessible online. It is also in such sites where on learns about the dynamics of bonds and their relationship to crimes. It also interesting to read about the stories about what transpired to cause some of the bonds amounts to be higher than others.

Among the highest bonds ever recorder was one which required the culprit to pay four billion dollars for the crime of murder. Another judge upon learning of the amount set reduced it on grounds that it was against the constitution. Another criminal whose initial charge was murder was the accused of tampering with evidence and bond jumping severally was required to pay three billion as a bonds, an amount which the judge set in fury. Similarly, upon appeal, the amount was also found proportional which led to the reduction of the amount. Yet another overly high amount went to a group which was running a brothel where they were required to pay one billion as bond.

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