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November 13, 2018


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Demystifying Long-Held Myths

People believe in different things where it concerns the remedies and treatments they use for different conditions. Their influence from family traditions, religious beliefs, superstition, and such matter in how people handle these ailments. These influences can interfere with the process of seeking proper medical attention. People need to let go of so many of these myths if they are to remain healthy.
One of them is the idea that you have to wait for half an hour after eating before you can swim. It was believed that if you did not wait, you would induce some severe cramping. Any such cramping was not the fault of digestion, but of dehydration. Cramping is common in those who undertake intense physical activity on a full stomach. The truth is you can have a light meal r snack and then swim as you please.
We were also told not to swallow chewing gum, as it would stay in the stomach for close to a week. It is good practice to spit it out once you are done. If food stays for more than two days in your stomach; you will suffer constipation. Chewing gum cannot do this since it shall be digested out. If you are constipated, you need to find out what the cause is, as it is not chewing gum.
Some believe frogs and toads give people warts. This is something that the young ones were terrified of. They said that the bumps on their skin were the source. Those are simple glands that they rely on for protection. Their secretions are not responsible for warts forming. They shall, however, give you a bacterial infection since frogs live in dirty conditions.
We also thought that shaving hair made it grow back thicker and faster. But we see that hair growth rates are not affected by shaving frequency. Shorter hair is rougher, which people think makes it thicker.
Another strong one is not allowing a concussed patient to fall asleep. The belief is that this leads to a coma. Sleeping, on the other hand, shall help the person heal. The sleep, therefore, is the best thing you can let them do. That and medical intervention to address any incident of internal bleeding or swelling will ensure that everything is ok.
The myths of feeding a cold and starving a fever were both wrong. These conditions cause dehydration in the body. When you restrict food and liquid intake, it shall escalate their presence. The body needs plenty of strength and nourishment to deal with the condition.
You need always to see a doctor in such cases. They shall tell you what is happening to the body. You can also read more about other myths on this site.

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