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November 13, 2018

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5 Things to Do in New York

Regardless if you are looking a place to celebrate, you have retried or just a simple vacation, then New York is the place to be. There are lots of wineries and restaurants, clubs to enjoy the night life and almost everything that you can think of. In this article, we are going to focus on the few things that can be done in Big Apple to make the most of your trip. Thus, I suggest that you read more.

Number 1. Walk to the Brooklyn Bridge – if you are searching for cheap and affordable things to do in the area, then you know that nothing beats the ones that are offered for free right? It will be a wonderful idea to take a quick walk from the Brooklyn Bridge and take few photos of its skyline views. Well in addition, there are many different restaurants that can be chosen on each end. It is best to read more on this concern.

Number 2. Visit the Bronx Zoo Wildlife Conservation Society – paying a visit to the Bronx Zoo Wildlife Conservation Society is just one of the greatest things you can do in the area. Here, you will surely feel connected to the wildlife due to its 265 acre retreat.

It is recommended that you have planned your trip in visiting here as the land is so big making it impossible to see everything in just a day.

Number 3. Grand Central Terminal – you will certainly be entertained seeing people and what they do as you check out the Grand Central Terminal. Every corner of the terminal is filled with people. People here have a thing of their own from dining, shopping and some even drinking. I recommend you to read more on other things that you can do here.

Number 4. One World Trade Center Observatory – being able to see the Big Apple in the flesh and how alive the city is, is just amazing. Well the good thing is that, you can do this by going to the One World Trade Center Observatory and be amaze from what you’re going to find out here. On the other hand, tickets are quite pricy but it’s no doubt an experience you should have at least once in a lifetime. You may as well read more about the One World Trade Center Observatory before you make a decision to buy the tickets to be prepared.

Number 5. Central park – the Central Park is so popular and famous in different parts of the world and thus, our list wouldn’t be complete without this. The park always has something for someone so read more and make everything of your visit.

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