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November 13, 2018


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Interesting Stories About Marijuana

With number of those who are using cannabis increasing on a daily basis, there something about this plant. Somehow the plant finds its name covering the front page. There is still something said about the plant from historical times. If you are one of the people who like hearing something about the plant, this article will give you a list of some interesting stories. You can find time to read more about the article and discover more about this unusual plant.

The first thing you may want to hear is the way students back in 1971 traded the outcomes of this plant via the internet from one college to another. No one was able to tell how much of the outcome of this herb changed hands that tie from one college to another. The first internet purchases where for the marijuana products. It may interest you even to know that Shakespeare with his great history also used cannabis.. This fact was confirmed by scientists who tested samples from his pipe. At the same time some other samples taken from his garden tested positive to marijuana confirming that the guy used to make the product.

Another interesting this is that though the plant is widespread in many countries, none knows where the plant originated. There are stories that the first person to use the plant as the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. Despite the first person to use the plant, the use of it currently is so widespread to almost every part of the world. Since ancient times, the plant has been in use as medication even the first person used it to relief pain. The scientist still believe that the plant is good for as a relief from pain.

Another thing that is notable is the way infants tested positive to marijuana in North Carolina. People later discovered that it was the soap the babies were using that brought a positive test for marijuana. Surprisingly, the products that have such ingredients are the famous ones like Johnson and Johnson. The good thing is that the parents were not charged with child abuse charges.

The use if the name marijuana to mean cannabis was not until the Mexican immigrated to America in 1920 due to civil war in Mexico. You may also want to know that Uruguay happens to be the first country to allow the use of cannabis legally. You may not have understood everything if you have not heard that in Italy there is a community of Rastafarians originating from Jamaica. Although Italy is not one of the countries that have legalized marijuana, this community of Rastafarians are permitted by law to use it in Italy. The argument was that the community is allowed by the virtue of their religion to take part in the smoke. that is how they got away with it.