Essential Equipment to Bulk Up at Home

Setting up an effective home gym offers a level of convenience and inspiration that’s hard to beat with a membership at a regular, full-service gym. Unfortunately, many consumers looking to bulk up at home wind up investing a good deal of money in equipment they really don’t need.

There’s no sense in investing hard-earned money in equipment that will wind up just sitting around gathering dust due to its difficulty of use, so don’t make purchases based on outrageous advertising claims. Instead, read on to find out about a few essential pieces of equipment that should be found in any comprehensive home gym.

Barbells and Weights

Those who are new to weightlifting at home should purchase standard bars rather than Olympic bars. These are slightly smaller and are designed for lighter applications, while Olympic bars are much larger and can hold a good deal more weight. Weight plates can be purchased almost anywhere, so it’s worth doing some shopping around and looking for sales.

Power Rack

Just about any important exercise can be performed safely on a power rack. They often feature pins, J-hooks, and dip bars, pull-up bars, and a wide variety of other features. Those purchasing their first power racks should consider factors such as dimensions, hole spacing, and available accessories prior to choosing a particular model.

The Right Bench

Some exercises, such as bench presses, require those performing them to lie down, so an adequately strong bench should be considered an absolute must in any home gym. Be sure to find out how much weight the bench is designed to support prior to making a purchase. As with power racks, there are plenty of different models available, so do some shopping around prior to buying one.

Some Dumbbells

Dumbbells are possibly even more versatile than barbells, and like most gym equipment, there are plenty of options out there to choose from. Like barbells, they come in both standard and Olympic models, making it easier to match barbell plates. The best possible home gym solution is to set up a dedicated commercial-style dumbbell rack, but those who are working on a budget may want to look into standard handles and plate-loadable dumbbells.