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November 13, 2018


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Find Out Ways Of Making Your Heels Quieter

There are a lot of women who look forward to buying a pair of heels regularly because it is a fashion statement that an individual cannot do without. It is right to make sure that an individual; does not attract attention for the wrong reasons, considering that the noisy heels can ruin a beautiful outfit. Heels are noisy for various reasons as one is about to discover, including the way you walk; therefore, find ways of making them quieter as elaborated here.

Have Rubber On Your Heel

One has a chance of checking from any website to know how rubber has been used by women to ensure that the annoying noises are not produced when walking. One has to learn that rubber isn’t only effectively comes to reducing the noise, but ensuring that your shoe is protected and also prevent injuries, since people will have a good grip of the floor. It is possible for an individual to get a rubber that pretty much looks the same as your shoe, ensuring that a person still looks stylish.

Consider Duct Tape

Whenever a person is looking for a quick solution, you need to read more on how the simple things found in your drawer can be beneficial including duct tape, considering that a person can fit it to be the same size as the heel. Applying several layers of duct tape can be useful when it comes to attending an essential meeting, which you only came to learn about a few hours ago, and have shoes to wear.

Look For Quite Heels

At times, the amount of noise coming from a heel is dependent on how an individual walks, or if you pick a bigger size than your exact one; therefore, try multiple shoes to get a perfect fit. There is no harm in trying shoes with thicker heels since an individual will walk well and are quieter than the thin heels and still stylish.

Consider Getting Gel Cushions

In most situations people make a lot of noise as they walk around because of the friction; therefore, having gel cushion means that a person will walk well, and a combination of gel cushions and rubber soles could be beneficial.

It is best for a person to ensure that after mastering ways of making you heels quiet, an individual can go to various ceremonies without being too self-conscious, and also have people notice your style.