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Weirdest Marijuana Strain Names

There are more 13,000 known marijuana strains. People growing weed ought to be creative for them to craft a new strain. This article we help you learn about the cool and hilarious names used to describe this product.

If you want to continue with your functioning, consider taking a sativa marijuana strain. Some of the consumers testify that the product makes them more industrious innovative while at work. You will learn more about this sativa strains in this article.

If you are looking for strong sativa strain, consider getting the Alaskan thunder element. The sativa strain comes from Anchorage. It has a mellow smell with hints of pine and lemon. Make certain that you give the product some time to sink in to prevent a huge concentration in your brain.

Pouchie love is perfect for productivity. Mixing the common Face Off and PNW Dog Shit helps to produce a strong pouchie love strain. Make sure that you store the strains away from the dogs.

Jamaican Lambsbread is of Jamaican origin, and it means ganja in the rasta group. The famous musician, Bob Marley, is known for consuming the strain. Many consumers prefer Jamaican Lambsbread since it is the ability to ease stress and improve energy levels in the body.

Everyone in the world is familiar with the Ghost Train Haze. Ghost Train Haze is now its ninth form and is believed to have come from Colorado. Pictures high concentrations of resin and users get more energy. Victims with anxiety problems are not addressed to take it. Ghost Train Haze is perfect for relieving pain, improving appetite, and easing depression.

Maui Wowie has the taste of ripe pineapple and comes from the beaches of Hawaii. Persons who use a lot of energy in their daily life can think of using Maui Wowie. It is a lightweight strain and enhances motivation and creativity.

The Creative India Strain comes from Indiana and is known for its sedative nature. If you are looking for a to relax and chill at home, consider this strain.

If you mix Starfighter and Tiger’s Milk you’ve got a concentrated Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien. Ensure that you consume it in small quantities to boost your innovation ability. Breeding the Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien by Exotic Generix will help to maximize your relaxation experience after consuming it. If you find it difficult to get some sleep or have a steady sleeping style, Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien is your solution.

CannaSutra is known for enhancing sensuality and relaxation. CannaSutra is a mixture of Reclining Buddha and Sensi Star strains. The cannabis product will give you a clear head lucid to boost your mental focus, making it perfect for graphic designers and computer technicians.