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November 13, 2018


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Some Physical Health Issues Which Are Not Likely to be Noticed

Most people do not take their health seriously because they tend to dismiss possible health issues. Ignorance is so prevalent in some people that they ask their friends for medical advice. The main reason why people ignore some physical health issues is because they have learned to live with the symptoms. In fact some people only visit a doctor only when several self-medications have failed which is very dangerous.

The habit of dismissing physical symptoms as regular issues could prove to be fatal when you suffer from irreversible physical health issues. People tend to ignore back pains, joint pains, neck, and joint stiffness and headaches among other symptoms. When such symptoms most people self-medicate on painkillers without thinking there could be deeper health issues.

The first physical health issue is arthritis. Arthritis is in most cases diagnosed when it is too late and has caused a lot of damage to the body. You can be alerted that you might have arthritis when you have joint pain coupled with numbness on the affected area. Arthritis symptoms are can often dismiss as general body weakness or being tired. When you notice that the pain keeps coming back and there is stiffness on your limbs, you should see a doctor. When you are diagnosed early, there should not be any worries because you can live with arthritis by proper diets and a healthy lifestyle.

The second tip is a condition known as weak pelvic floor. You can be understood if you lack knowledge about the situation since its spoken in harsh tones. Just because it is not on people’s mouths does not mean it’s rare. What happens is that people do not think it’s a disease hence they only visit a doctor when it becomes unmanageable. It is commonly noticed by the failure to hold urine even when it is necessary to do so. Even though they can see and feel that there is urine leakage, people tend to think it was there fault to fail to hold the urine. If you notice that you have challenges holding onto your pee when you want to, then you should consult a physician for further checks. There are numerous blogs and articles about weak pelvic floor if you want to know more.

Last but not least is a physical health condition known as flat feet. One can quickly notice flat feet if they check the shape of their feet. An easily identifiable dome should be visible at the bottom of your feet. You might not think it’s a health issue until it starts to mess with your ability to stand on your feet or walk for long distances. The condition is rectifiable hence you should seek more information on how it can be treated.