Why Foot Reflexology Not a Massage is What Your Body Actually Needs

A foot massage may be what you are thinking of getting, but a reflexology massage is possibly what your body actually needs. Foot reflexology does more than just relaxing you, it is the application of alternating pressure techniques unique to reflexology to regulate the immune system and blood circulation in the body. If you are often tired and sluggish, a massage can bring temporary relief but foot reflexology can help bring your body back to balance.

Read on for more facts about reflexology you need to know:

Foot reflexology focuses on your overall health.

Specific parts on your foot correspond to certain internal organs and acupressure to those areas helps the organs. Many subscribe to foot reflexology to keep their health in check and even to fight off illnesses. This is why before a good foot reflexology session, your medical history and concerns should be requested. This way the therapist can focus on the spots or areas that you need, perhaps like your kidney, heart, or if you have high blood pressure.

Which is where?

According to therapists: our head and neck is helped through all of our toe bones and joints, our spine through the inside of our feet, our chest area through the ball of our foot, our waistline where our foot is most thin in width, and the pelvic area through the bottom of the foot. There are also points to help with insomnia (toward the bottom of the foot), hypertension (below the big toe), and colon concerns. If you have health concerns, try asking your doctor if foot reflexology can help with treatment or maintenance.

Foot reflexologists cannot diagnose.

While therapists master the foot reflexology map, which area corresponds to which internal organ, and what to do to a certain area if the client is dealing with health issues in that organ, they are not doctors. They cannot diagnose a sickness just because they were working on any tension or congestion they felt on your foot.

What you’ll feel after a session.

Usually a day or two after your foot reflexology session, it is possible for you to feel these positive effects: increased energy, relief from pain, enhanced sleep, more mobile joints to name a few. You may also feel some tiredness, see more skin rashes or pimples or spots due to elimination of toxins, and even emotional or psychological release.

It is recommended to schedule follow up sessions according to your therapist’s recommendation. But usually once a week for six weeks, for example, will create better effects than once every few months.