Best Eye Makeup Tips For Glamours Bridals?


The eyes of a woman hide a world of mysteries. The eyes of a bride reveal hints of her innermost thoughts at a glance.

Your special day has finally come, and, no, I don’t mean the premiere of The Hills. It’s even better than that! It’s your wedding day.

Wedding Eye Makeup Tips:

You need to follow the right makeup guidelines on your wedding day. Eye makeup for brides will take time and patience. You need to let the makeup artist take enough time.

Line the Eyes

When doing makeup for a special event I like to begin with my eyes so I can clean up around them before perfecting my skin. Since I want the emphasis to be on my eyes, I want them to be defined and start by lining my inner lower rim and upper lid with a waterproof (happy tears) cream liner in dark brown, which will keep the intense look soft.


Use a moisturizing foundation to lock in the moisture. Use water-based one if you have naturally oily skin, and a cream based one if you have dry skin.

Fill in Eyebrows

Even though my brows are in good condition, I’m still going to fill them in lightly with a pencil a shade lighter than my hair to emphasize their shape and deepen the color. After all, they frame my entire face!


For the upper eyelid, use some waterproof liquid liner. Keep it black or make it gold or blue if you can carry it off. Make sure your hands are steady. Practice your winged liner several times before. Today your eyes have to be on fleek.

Consider dress color

If you’re wearing a jewel tone (think blue, green, purple), you can absolutely incorporate this into your eye shadow application. If your dress is a warm color, like red, orange, pink, you may want to stick with the traditional black/gray palette to avoid scaring people away at the buffet line (unless you want all of the mini crabcakes for yourself, of course; in that case, pinkeye away!).

Eyelash Curler

When the mascara dries, use an eyelash curler to shape your eyelashes. Without this, the mascara is incomplete.

Bridal eye makeup is time consuming. You will go wrong if you don’t practice it first. On your wedding day, you won’t have the time to clean your face repeatedly and do the eye makeup again and again. It will ruin your foundation.

Eye shadow Primer: To ensure smudge free makeup use an eye shadow primer. It brings out the different shades of your shadow well!

Eye Brow Power: Enhancing your eyebrows is a must, you can use eyebrow pencils or the eye brow brush to give it a shape.

Creative Hand: Hiring a wedding makeup artist is always suggested. So, you can always check their availability well in advance.